How to Watch the Madden Classic

The Madden Classic kicks off tonight as the first Madden Championship Series Main Event. If you’re unfamiliar, the Madden Classic features the competitors using the real NFL rosters in the game. All weekend long, you’ll be able to watch them compete for the grand prize of $35,000.

August 30th - 5PM ET
August 31st - 5PM ET
September 1st - 1PM ET


Yes, there will be Twitch drops. The longer you watch, the more Twitch drops you’ll get. It’s recommended that you have the stream open in a separate window to get your Twitch drops. But I think we should be honest here, you probably need help with your Madden game so you should probably be watching anyways.

Top 5 Players to Watch

Based on Friday Night Football performances on Muthead, here’s some players that I think are worth keeping an eye on (in no particular order because I’m not trying to make any enemies)

But to me the real story line is what is Skimbo, Drini, and Kiv bringing to the table? We haven’t seen them play in Madden 20 at all yet. All three of those guys are incredible, well accomplished players and I can easily see any one of them winning it all.

Let me know in the comments who you guys are rooting for and what team you would use! Would you Arm Bar your opponents with Zeke and the Cowboys? Or Escape Artist your way out of pressure with Deshaun Watson and the Texans? If you’ve watched Friday Night Football, does the Lamar Jackson QB run offense make a return?

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