House Rules: Solo Battles

This week's House Rules and Solo Battles events joined forces for a brand new week long event. Limits and cooldowns are active again, while the rules are 4 points for normal offensive TDs and 11 points for 20+ yard offensive TDs. You can access today's latest event under the "Solo Battles" section of the "Play" menu. In addition to normal Solo Battles rewards, the following additional reward tiers can also be earned this week:

HR: Legend- 300,000 Battle Score, 94 OVR Ultimate Legend + Legend Rewards
HR: MVP- 210,000 Battle Score, 92 OVR Ultimate Legend + MVP Rewards
HR: Star- 140,000 Battle Score, 88 OVR Ultimate Legend + Star Rewards
HR: Veteran- 90,000 Battle Score, 87 OVR Ultimate Legend + Veteran Rewards
HR: Pro- 50,000 Battle Score, 86 OVR Ultimate Legend + Pro Rewards

What are your thoughts on this week's House Rules: Solo Battles event? Is this something you would like to see again in the future?