House Rules: Back to School

House Rules is back in a big way! If you're new to Madden Ultimate Team, House Rules is an event in which players compete under different rules than a standard NFL game. The more you win, the better rewards you receive.

In this week's edition of House Rules, we're playing by college overtime rules. Score, get a stop, and you win. If you need a refresher on how college overtime works, check out this article by SBNation.

The goal of House Rules is to just keep winning. The most games you can win over the next 6 days, the better rewards you'll receive. Here is the list of thresholds and the corresponding rewards:

1 Win: 1,000 Coins
10 Wins: 20 Trophies
20 Wins: 20 Trophies
30 Wins: 30 Trophies
40 Wins: 30 Trophies
50 Wins: Random NAT 89-90 OVR Superstar
75 Wins: 150 Trophies
100 Wins: 200 Trophies
150 Wins: 250 Trophies
200 Wins: 300 Trophies

Unlike a game of MUT Seasons or Weekend League, these games go quickly. The pressure to come up with a win every game is significantly diminished. If you don't get the W, just jump back into House Rules and try again.

How many wins are you going for in this House Rules event?