Heavyweights: Michael Brockers and Trent Williams

Today's newest Heavyweights player items are Michael Brockers and Trent Williams. Brockers is one of the slower left ends released lately but excels at Play Recognition (93), Block Shedding (92), and Tackling (91). Trent Williams is a Power OT who can block as well for the run as he does for the pass. With ratings of 87 RBK, 87 PBK, 90 STR, and 88 IBL to name a few, Williams offers a solid tackle option for balanced attack offenses. Check out both new items and their full ratings below:

Heavyweights can be found on the Auction House or by purchasing a Heavyweights Pack in the store for 3,845 Training that will give you one random 88+ Heavyweights player item. Click the following for a full list of Heavyweights.

Will you be picking up Brockers or Williams to help your Ultimate Team win the battle in the trenches?