Heavyweights: B. Jones, G. Jarrett, and MF LTD C. Campbell

The newest player items added to the Heavyweights program today are Ben Jones and Grady Jarrett. Ben Jones has decent block ratings for both the run and pass. With 93 awareness, you can expect him to keep his head on a swivel. Grady Jarrett offers a decent run stopper at DT but is probably most useful in a Falcons theme team. Check out the newest Heavyweights and their ratings below:

Heavyweights can be found on the Auction House or by purchasing a Heavyweights Pack in the store for 2,470 Training that will give you one random 86+ Heavyweights player item. Click the following for a full list of Heavyweights.

Most Feared LTD Calais Campbell

In addition to the latest Heavyweights, EA has also released a Most Feared LTD Calais Campbell. He is only in packs until 11/1 at 10 am ET and quicksells for 250,000 coins. Keep in mind that all Most Feared players became enraged this morning, so Campbell's ratings are currently inflated. After enragement, we anticipate his newest item returning to around 93 OVR, similar to LTD LeVeon Bell and Dante Hall. Check out his new item and current enraged ratings below:

What are your thoughts on LTD Campbell and the latest Heavyweights?