Heavyweights: Alex Mack and Akiem Hicks

Alex Mack and Akiem Hicks are this week's latest additions to the Heavyweights program. Mack's pass blocking ratings leave a bit to be desired but for all you runners out there, he could certainly find the field with 92 RBK, 89 RBP, and 92 RBF ratings. Akiem Hicks is a run-stopping LE with great Awareness (96), Play Recognition (96), and Block-Shed (92). Check out both new items and their full ratings below:

Heavyweights can be found on the Auction House or by purchasing a Heavyweights Pack in the store for 3,845 Training that will give you one random 88+ Heavyweights player item. Click the following for a full list of Heavyweights.

What are your thoughts on Heavyweights Mack and Hicks?