Gridiron Guardians Program

The MUT content continues flying out of the factory, this time with the new Gridiron Guardians program. This program you may be familiar with, as it was formerly known as the MUT Heroes program, as exemplified by the players being stylized as super heroes. But, much like a 1960's cottage, the program needed a new coat of paint and some touch ups and...well here we are! First, lets take a look at the player list:


gg champion set.jpg

  • Champion set- Exchange 3x 90 OVR Gridiron Guardians to earn the respective 92 OVR GG Item, it's PUP, and 3 90 OVR GG NCAT Players
  • Hero Sets- Exchange 4x 86 OVR Gridiron Guardians and 5x 82 OVR Gridiron Guardians to earn the respectiver GG Hero and his PUP
  • 86 OVR Gridiron Guardian- Exchange 5x 82 OVR GG Players
  • 82 OVR Gridiron Guardian- Exchange 1x 80-82 OVR Player and 4x 75-79 OVR Players


gg challenges.jpg
  • There are 3 sets of challenges for the Gridiron Guardians
    • Prologue- 5 challenges, 25 stars possible
      • Upon finishing the Prologue you receive a Super-Suit Strategy Item. This item boosts all Gridiron Guardian players ratings by +1 (each individual rating not just OVR). This item only works in CPU modes, not H2H and will go into the designated 5th Strategy Item slot
    • Goofballs in the Grocery/The Showdown- must complete Prologue to unlock
    • Rewards
      • 50 Stars- 82 OVR GG Fantasy Pack
      • 100 Stars- 90 OVR GG Fantasy Pack
      • 150 Stars- 82+ GG Player
      • 5k Coins earned at 25 and 75 stars
      • 10k coins earned at 125 stars


GG Missions.jpg
  • Completing the Gridiron Guardian mission will give you a choice of a 90 OVR GG Player, as well as 37k coins and 22k XP. These are available until 10/14.
    • Earn 75 Stars in GG Challenges
    • Earn 150 Stars in GG Challenges
    • Force 20 Fumbles
    • Get 100 Tackles
    • Complete a Gridiron Guardians Set
    • Complete 5 GG Sets
    • Win 15 games with 2+ TDs
    • Win 25 games by scoring 17+ points
    • Rush for 150 yards in a game
    • Get 300 Tackles
    • Win 10 games with at least 1 sack
    • Win 10 solo battle or H2H games
    • In H2H Games
      • Rush for 900 yards
      • Score 25 Rushing TDs
      • Score 250 pts


  • Gridiron Guardians Pack- Contains 1x 82+ OVR GG, 2x 72+ OVR players, and 3x 68+ OVR players (900 Microsoft Points or 52k Coins)
  • GG Fantasy Pack- Contains 2x 82+ OVR GG Players and 6x 77+ OVR players, Choice of 5, Limit 2 purchases (500 MPs)
  • 14x GG Bundle- Contains 14x GG Packs and 2x 90 OVR GG toppers (12000 MPs, limit 3)
  • 7x GG Bundle- Contains 7x GG Packs and 3x 82+ OVR (or 2x 86+ OVR depending on which bundle you purchase) Toppers (5850 MPs, Limit 3)

And that's an overview of this fun program. Who are you adding to the squad? Let me know in the comments!