Golden Tickets Release III

More Golden Tickets bayyyybeeeee!!! We have 5 more user created items coming to Madden 22 that will hopefully knock your socks off! We saw last week the Training Variety Packs calm the GT market down, and these items can be found in those packs, as well as standard packs as well. This week's new items include 'The Italian Stallion" Ben DiNucci, the Jeremy "Take It On The" Chinn, Chris "Not Eastry" Westry, Josh "Commissioner" Gordon, and "Wham Bam Thank You" Cam Newton. Check them out below!


  • Ben DiNucci - Cowboys
    • 2x Field Gen, 1x Improviser, 1x Scrambler, 1x Strong Arm
  • Jeremy Chinn - Panthers
    • 3x Run Support, 2x Hybrid
  • Chris Westry - Ravens, Panthers, Cowboys
    • 3x Zone, 2x M2M
  • Josh Gordon - Browns, Chiefs, Pats, Seahawks
    • 2x Deep Threat, 1x Physical, 1x RR, 1x Slot
  • Cam Newton - Panthers, Pats
    • 2x Field Gen, 2x Strong Arm, 1x Scrambler