Golden Tickets Release 6

Into the unknown with this release of the Golden Tickets (crazy to think it is already the 5th GT release). This is an installment of the dev Golden Tickets and there are certainly some interesting choices in the bunch. Let me know in the comments who your favorites are and who you still would like to see as a Golden Ticket.

We start things off with a unique twist on the Quarterback position. Longitme Raven RT Johnathan Ogden joins the fight as a QB! Ogden is rocking 99 THP, 99 RUN...67 SPD (so he can sling it on his very slow run). Ogden is a Strong Arm QB archetype at 340 lbs so good luck bringing down this beast.

Cowboys fans will be excited to see their 2020 rookie standout WR CeeDee Lamb in the game. Lamb, already a burner, joins Ultimate Team with 97 SPD, 99 RLS/SPC, and 99 BTK. So basically whether he is running a route or has the ball in his hands, no one is going to easily catch this guy.

Geno Atkins has been a staple on the Bengals D-Line and now he is immortalized as a Golden Ticket. The Power Rusher DT importantly has 99 in finesse and power moves, while also showing good speed at 83 OVR. Add in his 99 BSH and you have a force to be reackoned with.

Last, but not, least the kickers get some love in the Dev GT Release! Falcons kicker Younghoe Koo steps onto the field as a Power Kicker archetype. 80 SPD, 83 ACC, 43 mid-accuracy...all are irrelevant cause all that matters is his 99 KPW/KAC.

Remember that there is an increased chance to pull a Golden Ticket in the first 48 hours so make sure to get ripping ASAP. Check out the players with their team chems below!