Golden Tickets Release 3

Note: I definitely have had this article typed and ready for 2 hours and FORGOT TO HIT PUBLISH. If you'll excuse me I'm going to go sit in time out now....

It's that time once again folks! We might as well call ourselves rabbits because we got 24 KARATS IN THE HOUUUUUUSEEE!! Get it...cause karat sounds like carrot?

It's Golden Ticket Friday is what I'm saying and we have 4 new GTs into the game, and personally I think these are better than last weeks release. I'm loving the SS DK Metcalf GT. 99 coverages, 99 jumping, 98 speed and he's 6'4"?? Talk about a tough centerfielder. Also, shoutout to the return of Tim Tebow to the NFL. Let me know in the comments if you think he's going to be on the week 1 roster as a TE (my gut says no but Urban Meyer just might be crazy enough to do it).

Remember that there is an increased chance to pull a Golden Ticket in the first 48 hours so make sure to get ripping ASAP. Here are the players with their team chems listed!