Golden Tickets: Mike Evans, Reggie White, and Josh Allen

Mike Evans, Reggie White, and Josh Allen are today's latest Golden Tickets released in Madden Ultimate Team. While he's normally at WR, today's latest Mike Evans item is at CB and with his 6'5" height and these stats, he will certainly be one of the best end game cornerbacks. Reggie White is a Power Rusher DE with too many 99 stats to name. Seriously, just look at that monster Golden Ticket's stats below! Rounding out today's Golden Tickets is QB Josh Allen. He is a Strong Arm QB with enough speed to help you avoid the rush and extend plays (91 SPD). Some of his notable passing stats include 99 THP, 98 SAC, 99 MAC, 96 DAC, and 99 RUN!

Golden Tickets are not Power Up eligible but will allow you to select Team Chemistry based on all the teams they played for during their career. All Golden Tickets will remain in packs for the remainder of the year with an increased chance of pulling them within the first 48 hours. Check out all of today's Golden Tickets and their full ratings below:

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Will any of you be adding one of today's Golden Tickets to your Ultimate Team?