Golden Tickets: B. Dawkins, A. Barr, and Q. Enunwa

The final Golden Tickets released today, including Brian Dawkins, Anthony Barr, and Quincy Enunwa. Brian "Weapon X" Dawkins is a fan favorite year-to-year due to his Speed (96) and Hit Power (99). His latest item today comes equipped with the following unlockable Ability Slots: Run Support (x2), Zone, and Hybrid. Anthony Barr will give run-heavy offenses nightmares with his 99 BSH, 99 PUR, 99 TAK, and 99 POW ratings. Barr has the following unlockable Ability Slots: Speed Rusher (x2) and Pass Coverage (x2). Quincy Enunwa is a unique selection that I'm guessing was created by a huge Jets fan. He has notable ratings of 99 RLS, 98 SRR, 97 MRR, 96 DRR, 97 BTK, and has the following unlockable Ability Slots: Slot (x2) and Deep Threat (x2).

Golden Tickets are not Power Up eligible but will allow you to select Team Chemistry based on all the teams they played for during their career. All Golden Tickets will stay in packs for the remainder of the year with an increased chance of pulling them within the first 48 hours. Check out all of today's Golden Tickets and their full ratings below:

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With the final batch of Fan Appreciation Challenges releasing tomorrow, which Golden Ticket will you select as your reward?