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Golden Ticket Release VI

Golden Tickets are here once again (along with Rookie Premieres so stay tuned on that). We have 5 new GT items and a reminder that there are increased pack odds to pull these in the first 48 hours. This week we have Dallas Cowboy Commentary Legend, The Man Who Broke Madden at Running Back, The Man Who May Be A Running Back at Quarterback (sorry, Browns fan here), The Largest....uh...The Biggest...uh....Nick Foles at WR, and a Literal House Running the Ball. Let me know who you are excited for!


  • QB Tony Romo - Cowboys
    • 2x Strong Arm, 1x Field General, 1x Impro, 1x Scrambler
  • HB Michael Vick - Falcons, Jets, Eagles, Steelers
    • 2x Elusive, 2x Power, 1x Receiving
  • QB Lamar Jackson - Ravens
    • 2x Scrambler, 1x Impro, 1x Field Gen, 1x Strong Arm
  • WR Nick Foles - Eagles, Rams, Bears, Chiefs, Jags
    • 2x RR, 1x DT, 1x Slot, 1x Physical
  • HB Vita Vea - Bucs
    • 2x Power, 2x Elusive (very funny), 1x Receiving