Flashbacks: Mark Ingram II, Aqib Talib, and LTD LeVeon Bell

Today's new Flashbacks are Mark Ingram II and Aqib Talib. Both players lack speed which may make it difficult to add them to your squad unless you're running a theme team. Ingram flashes back to 2016 when he played for the Saints while Talib takes us all the way back to 2009 during his time with the Buccaneers. Check out both new Flashbacks and their ratings below:

Flashbacks can be acquired from the Auction House or by purchasing a Flashbacks Pack in the store for 2,470 Training that will give you 1 random 87+ Flashbacks player item. For a full list of Flashbacks, click here.

Most Feared LTD LeVeon Bell

Yesterday, EA hit us with a surprise release of Most Feared LTD LeVeon Bell. He will only be in packs until 10 am ET tomorrow 10/22. Bell is pretty elusive and can provide a solid pass-catching back out of the backfield. Check out his newest item and ratings below:

What are your thoughts on today's latest player items?