Final Golden Ticket Release

Here we finally are, the final Golden Ticket release of the year and safe to say I believe this is the best group of players to be released into MUT! Based on the big names you guys have been clamoring for, I think these should satiate the appetite of the most fervent Madden fans puts down thesaurus

We start things off with with Rookie of the Year candidate Justin Jefferson. Jefferson has Deep Threat WR, Route Runner WR, Physical WR, Slot WR, and Returner WR ability slots. HE also has 97 SPD and 99 in Short and Medium Route Running Enjoy loading JJ up like a baked potato!

Next we have a player every Falcons fan just wants to stay healthy for a whole season in MLB Deion Jones. Jones is rocking 97 SPD, 99 POW, 99 PRC, and 3x Pass Coverage MLB and 2x Run Stopper MLB Ability Slots.

You wanted another QB, you got one! It is current/possible soon to be former Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has 85 SPD, 99...everything seriously THP, SAC, MAC, DAC, TUP, RUN, and PAC. Oh and he has 2x Field General, 1x Improvisor, 1x Strong Arm, and 1x Scrambler QB Ability Slot.

Finally, Megatron is TE? Yep, Calvin Johnson now has a TE Golden Ticket with 2x Possession, 2x Vertical Threat, and 1x Blocking TE Ability Slots. He also has 97 SPD, 99 SPC, and 97 SRR. I think plenty of people are gonna be rocking Megatron at TE.

Remember that there is an increased chance to pull a Golden Ticket in the first 48 hours so make sure to get ripping ASAP. Check out the players with their team chems below!