Fan Appreciation Part 3

Gracias, Merci, Danke, anktha ouya...all of these mean one thing. Thank you! I mean, I'm not saying thank you EA is with their Fan Appreciation Part 3. NOT THAT I DON'T APPRECIATE YOU...oh boy I've beefed this one. Lets just get to the updates.



  • Week 2 challenges: 15 challenges, 5,400 coins possible, 54 stars possible
  • REMEMBER: at 120 stars earned you get a 99 OVR NAT Golden Ticket

FAP Pack.jpg


  • Fan Appreciation Packs are available in the store. Offers have reset from last week so your limits are cleared.
    • 75,000 coins or 500 points
    • Contains 1x 89+ OVR NFL Draft Player, 1x 87+ OVR Ultimate Legends Player, 1x 86+ OVR Elite Player, and 2x 72+ OVR Gold or better Players.
    • Limit of 5.
    • Bundle of 5 Fan Appreciation Packs costs 2,200 points with a limit of 2 purchases