Competitive Madden Recap- Week of 3/1

Hello from your Muthead CM! Each week I will be recapping the ins and outs of the Competitive Madden Community, highlighting the big moments and the main storylines. Without further ado, lets get started!

Friday Night Football brought some midweek magic, as it eminated on a Wednesday due to the Yard Invitational (more on that in a bit). Boogz and Stiff called the action, as the first couple rounds were fairly chalk. As we made our way to the final four, we had 3 of the usual suspects (Gos, Drini, Cleff) all of whom have had success recently in FNF. In that 4th spot, however, was one iBeStrafing, who does have 2 FNF titles but only a 1-2 record in Madden 21, and a 17-18 record overall. He faced off against Cleff, who has won 2 FNFs in the last month. Strafing was able to take down the soon to be father Cleff 37-31 to set up a finals matchup with defending champ Drini. Unfortunately, the Strafing run would come to a close, as Drini was able to SQUEEEEZE IT for a 31-17 win and take home back to back FNF titles on Regs as he looks to take home both consoles top prizes in the Madden Classic.

The Inaugural Yard Invitational took place Friday and Saturday on the EAMaddenNFL Twitch and Youtube channel. It featured 8 teams of 2 madden pros facing off in round robin group play, with the top 2 in each group moving on to Day Two to be drafted by one of 4 celebrity contributors (Dockery, Erin Ashley Simon, LSK, and Pizza). In Group A, it was Team BND (Henry and Pavan) going undefeated and winning group play, with second place going to Team Eli (Millz and last minute sub Boogz). In Group B, it was Team TNC (Fancy and JWall) and Team YGNJ (Noah and JonBeast) making it to Day Two. Pizza won the fan vote and had first selection, selecting Team BND, but they would be upsetted on Day 2 by Team Dockery/YGNJ, as they stormed to a 2-0 lead. Team Pizza won the next 2 games and tied the series up, but JonBeast, the heart and soul of the team, threw a laser in OT on a 3 point conversion to take the final game 40-39. The other semifinal was less dramatic, as Erin Ashley Simon and Team TNC used communications, and some stellar route running from their celebrity captain, to sweep Team LSK/Eli 3-0. In the finals, it was like watching an instant replay, as Team Dockery stormed to a 2-0, with Team EAS able to fight back and force a game 5. Once again, it was the Beast Named Jon making clutch plays and Noah with a late INT to lead Team Dockery to a come from behind win in Game 5 and a Yard Invitational Championship.

Quick Hits:

  • The Clubhouse hosted their first tournament, with MHL star TreyThomas defeating Saints Club Champ Gucci in the finals
  • The PGK's Crew vs Crew Challenge moved through week 3-4 action
  • Madden Challenge Ladder Play starts This Saturday (3/13)

That's all for now! If you have events you want covered, hit me up on Twitter (@NickMizesko). Stay tuned to the site as we keep you appraised on everything going on around the Madden world.