Community AKA

Back from paternity leave and I want to get you guys, the Muthead community, more involved with these front page articles. You're going to see more community input, polls. and even user content here on over the next couple months, as well as MCS updates and the usual new program items. Today, the newest edition of AKA dropped, labelled the New Class (for full listing click HERE). It got me thinking; this year we have seen this AKA program take off with some really cool items featuring the nicknames of players in the game. But, lets have some fun...what are some nicknames that you call players? Obviously we know the ones like Big Truzz and Cheetah, but do you have some (favorable or unfavorable) that you have been known to call players. Post them in the comments below and we'll feature some of our favorites in a future tweet/article. Here are some of the Muthead staff's:

  • Plaxico "Mr. Safety" Burress
  • Josh "MUTGuru's Only Request" Gordon
  • Richie "Butterfingers" James Jr.
  • Antonio "I'm Out" Brown
  • Deshaun "For Legal Reasons I Can't Give Him A Nickname" Watson
  • Tyler "Lamar Lite" Huntley
  • Tress "QB" Way