Bo Knows Legends- Law, Branch, Marshall and Mawae

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I am heading to the Cards/Rams MNF game tonight, which I'm hoping will be as good of a game as it is anticipated to be. Before we get there, we get a new batch of Bo Knows legends into the game. Each of these new players has an exchange set into the game, where you can exchange 30 86 OVR Bo Knows players for the respective 95 OVR Bo Knows Player. There also is a new set of challenges in the game where you can earn a choice of one of the 86 OVR Bo Knows Players. This weeks Bo Knows Legends added to the game are Ty Law "And Order", Kevin "Get Outta" Mawae, Cliff "Money in a Bank" Branch, and Wilber "Thurgood" Marshall. Check out the players below!