Bo Knows Legends II

Bo Knows Legends Part II and I've heard nothing but people saying how powerful these items are in Madden 22. Well, we have 4 more of these beasts into the game and I know this first one is gonna drive players crazy. Welcome to Madden 22 the former Viking Randall "Not That Guy From Recess" Cunningham. Cunningham is an Improviser archetype with (checks notes) 93 SPD?!?!! He also has 94 THP, 94 RUN, and 91 TUP. The other offensive player released with this batch is former Pittsburgh Steeler WR Lynn "Graceful as a" Swann. Swann is a Route Runner archetype with 93 SPD, 94 CTH, 93 CIT, and 93 DRR.

On the defensive side of the ball to try and counter these Bo Knows legends we start off with Mike "Ready To Mingle" Singletary. The former coach of the 49ers is a Field General archetype MLB with 91 SPD, 91 TAK, 94 POW, and 93 BSH (also has 90 ZCV). Finally, the U gets one of their former beasts with Vince "Spoon Knife And" Wilfork. Wilfork is a Run Stopper DT with 80 SPD (side note: y'all ever see Wilfork run? I don't think he had 80 SPD if he was on a golf cart), 93 BSH, 93 PMV, and 94 STR. Which of these players are you adding to your squad? Check out the players below and make sure you tune in to Muthead Pack N Play tonight as we try to pull some of these Bo Knows Legends (6pm EST,