The Army National Guard presents The Next Greatest Generation - Kyle Hamilton Recap

The Army National Guard believes the Next Greatest Generation is now. Back in August the Muthead team took a crack at predicting what some of the NFL’s next greatest generation would look like in Madden 23. Well the ratings are out and lets see how our predictions of Kyle Hamilton look. The team over at EA thought Hamilton wasn't quite fast enough for the 92 SPD we gave him, instead giving him 88 SPD and 86 ACC. The big miss was ZCV as he showed flashes of brilliance in college, as we predicted an 85 ZCV rating but EA decided there would be an 8 in his rating, but as the second digit with a 68 ZCV rating.

Do you agree with EA's ratings? What would you change? Do you think he will be a star or a bust? Let us know in the comments below and over on twitter @Muthead. Thank you once again to the Army National Guard - The Next Greatest Generation Is Now. For more information visit