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AKA - Chris Johnson and Howie Long

Before we begin, shoutout to my man M1k3y6i2 for writing some articles while I work both on being a new dad and some new content for the site/Muthead. Give him some love in the comments!

Part 9 of the AKA promo has gone live in Ultimate Team today, and features two true legends of the game.

Legendary speedster Chris Johnson, also known as CJ2k, is our offensive release for today, and has notable ratings of 93 Speed, 96 Acceleration, and 92 Break Tackle. Johnson’s team chemistry includes Titans, Cardinals, Jets, and Legends, making him a serious contender for the starting back for your theme team. Listed appropriately as an Elusive Back, Johnson’s custom ability bucket includes Backfield Mismatch (2 AP), Evasive (1 AP), Human Joystick (1 AP), and Short In Elite (1 AP).

Introduced with Chris Johnson is a unique X-Factor, called “Phenom.” If you played MUT last season, you may remember an X-Factor by the name of “Bo Knows.” Well, folks, by the looks of it, “Phenom” seems to be nearly identical to that of the aforementioned “Bo Knows.” For 3 AP, it is a little pricey, however it may prove to be worth it to use in your offense if you’re someone who enjoys running the ball. This X-Factor grants a higher chance to win the first interaction with a defender. Additionally, this will activate for 4 plays, and recharge over the course of 9 plays.

In addition to Chris Johnson, we also received Raiders Legend Howie Long. Praised for his powerful and raw playstyle in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, Long received the nickname “Caveman,” which we can see featured on his AKA item. Long’s entire career was spent with the Raiders, but in addition to Raiders chemistry, he also receives Legend chemistry. Listed as a Run Stopping archetype, with ratings such as 95 Block Shedding, 93 Power Moves, and 93 Strength, Howie Long may prove to be a dominant Defensive End in your defensive scheme.

Howie Long’s X-Factor is “Selfless.” Introduced as a Unique X-Factor with the release of Pat Tillman in Madden 20, Selfless activates all of your defensive players’ X-Factors. For 7 AP, this ability is very expensive, but when paired with powerful X-Factors, such Unstoppable Force, or Avalanche, it may prove to cause problems for your opponents. Long’s Selfless X-Factor activates for 1 play, and deactivates for 9 plays. Additionally, Long has a custom ability bucket, which includes Edge Threat (3 AP), Inside Stuff (1 AP), No Outsiders (1 AP), and Strip Specialist (1 AP).

Also released were this release’s respective AKA solo challenges, which give 1 AKA token each, which go towards an AKA Fantasy Pack, which will be obtainable in the coming weeks.

Thoughts on today’s AKA release?