99 OVR Gronk Tribute written by RKA

Big shoutout to our mod RKA for typing up this writeup of last week's Gronk tribute while I was out of town. Show him some love in the comments!

Last week, one of the greatest Tight Ends of all time, Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski, announced his retirement for the second time, earning two Tribute items in MUT22. In order to power up Gronk to his maximum OVR and level, you will need his 98 Tribute item (or 35,000 training) and his 99 OVR LTD Tribute item.

Gronk’s 99 OVR Tribute item is an LTD and is in packs (including the Training Variety Pack) until Sunday, June 26th at 10am. LTD Gronk quicksells for 250,000 coins. Similar to that of Golden Tickets, Gronk has special ability buckets.

  • 3x Possession
  • 1x Blocking
  • 1x Vertical Threat

Additionally, LTD Gronk receives the Route Technician ability for 1 AP in the 5th ability slot. This discounted ability will still be there even if you power Gronk up!

Gronk’s 98 OVR item is an NCAT item available only for a limited time (available until Sunday, June 26th, 10am). The item quicksells for 100 training, and it’s only available via a training offer in the store for 18,000 training, and is required for the power up, unless you want to bypass this item with 35,000 training. Check out both items below!