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Playoffs Program Release 1

NFL Playoffs are here, so that means it is playoff time in Madden Ultimate Team. As it was revealed yesterday on the MCS broadcast, Part 1 of the Playoffs Program is live in the game. Lots of interesting players added to the game, including the first QB that can get HRM, Slinger, and Escape Artist! Let's take a look at the list below:

Playoffs Release 1


LTDS - CJ Mosley and Joel Bitonio

LTD Thursday is back once again (as well as MCS Thursday, tune in tonight and earn drops and that MCS Jalen Ramsey that goes into his power up #CheapPlug). We get two new LTDs into the game. For all of you that are picking up the game for the first time in January, LTDs have a quicksell value of 250k coins and are only available in packs for the next 48 hours. On the offensive side of the ball, MY BROWNS THEME TEAM GOT A PLAYER!!!! I mean....its an offensive lineman......but it counts! Joel Bitonio is in Madden Ultimate Team …


WCW- Flashbacks V

You know we are back to normal when Wildcard Wednesday is back!! This week it is the Flashbacks program back in the game, as we take a look back on some amazing performances by these individual players. All of these items are live in the game now and you can also purchase a Flashback Players Pack (containing a random 92+ OVR Flashback) in the store for 17k training. For the first time in 2022, we bring back the Nick Mizesko Patented Nickname Generator and....okay this weeks players are Baker "Which Team Do I Play For" Mayfield, Michael "Megathom" Thomas, Chandler …


TOTW- Weeks 14 & 15

Happy New Year Muthead family! Hope you guys had a great holiday and New Year break. Apologies for the lack of write ups on the front page, unfortunately while out of town for the holidays I ended up with COVID at my in-laws sans computer for 10 days. Then, to top things off, I had an emergency appendectomy on Friday to kick off 2022. Luckily, everything went well and we are back to business feeling much better.

Also, before we get into it, a big shoutout to Agent K for all he did for Muthead and the Madden community. So …

Muthead League Season 9 - Week 1 Recap presented by Supercuts

Muthead League Season 9 is officially underway as Week 1 is in the books. A big thank you, as always, to our sponsor Supercuts for supporting competitive Madden. Week 1 featured all of the competitors playing 3 games total, which ended up having a major impact in the standings. First of all, there are no undefeated players after one week of play, showcasing the strength of the divisions in MHL Season 9.

The Madden 20 Bowl Champion XSET Joke is the only player without a win, with losses to Noah, Kiv, and TreyThomas, two of which are leading their divisions. …

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Zero Chill - Stocking Stuffers

The holidays are in full swing, and you can't have a bunch of stockings hung on the hearth without them being filled. Stocking Stuffers are here in Madden 22 and each and every good little team (and even the naughty ones....I'm looking at you Jacksonville) get a 92 OVR Stocking Stuffer Player. There are also 2 94 OVR champions of the Stocking Stuffers, which you can earn by completing their set. Team captains also received an upgrade today, which by winning 10 games/challenges with your captain in your lineup you can get a TC collectible that will upgrade your captain …


Bo Knows Legends- Law, Branch, Marshall and Mawae

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I am heading to the Cards/Rams MNF game tonight, which I'm hoping will be as good of a game as it is anticipated to be. Before we get there, we get a new batch of Bo Knows legends into the game. Each of these new players has an exchange set into the game, where you can exchange 30 86 OVR Bo Knows players for the respective 95 OVR Bo Knows Player. There also is a new set of challenges in the game where you can earn a choice of one of the 86 …


Legends - Walter Jones and Derrick Thomas

Do you oldheads remember the cartoon The Weekenders? I legit can't remember anything other than that kicking theme song. I'M READY FOR THE WEEEEKEND! Anyways, it is time to add 2 more legends to Madden 22. A reminder these players have their own sets, where you can exchange 1 of each version of the legend to earn the boss version of the card. Legend packs in the store are updated with these two gentlemen, starting off with big Walter Jones. Jones is a Pass Protector LT with 94 STR, 95 RBK, 94 PBL, and 93 AWR. Weird that is RBK …

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