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Most Feared Release 1

It is TOO SPOOKY in Madden 22 with Most Feared being released. This is the first release of the Most Feared items in the game, and boy do we have some gamechangers that are gonna shape a lot of the teams for tomorrows final ladder weekend of the Ultimate Thanksgiving tournament. Let's first take a look at the items in the program:



LTDS- Tyler Lockett and Deion Jones

Goooooooooooooooooooood Thursday morning/afternoon depending on your time zone. Hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday and I don't know about you, but I'm lowkey excited for the Bucs Eagles game tonight. We have more LTDs into the game of Madden 22 today. All of these items are available for 48 hrs and have a quicksell of 250k coins. On offense, we get one half of the dynamic WR duo in Seattle. It is Geno Smith's favorite target Tyler Lockett! Locket hass 92 SPD, 92 ACC, 93 AGI, and 93 DRR. The Seahawks TT just got a little more dangerous. …


Wildcard Wednesday - Rising Stars II

Apologies for no article on TOTW yesterday, I unfortunately was under the weather and spent most of the day in bed. We have Wildcard Wednesday today and it is time to add more of the young guns to the game of Madden 22 with the Rising Stars program. These players can be found in all packs, and specifically in Rising Stars player packs which cost 5,000 training points in the store for 1 random 89+ Rising Star.. This weeks players added to the game are "Big" Mac Jones, Gregory "Inspector" Rousseau (this one is both a pun and an old …


Legends - Michael Vick and Charles Woodson

Well, friends, the time is finally here. Pocket passers and those e-book route combo studiers are now gonna be Heavy Panther QB Blast running pains in our butt. Ladies and gentlemen, Michael Dwayne Vick is in Madden NFL 22. The former Virginia Tech Hokie is an Improviser archetype QB, rocking 92 SPD (that is not a typo), 92 THP, 92 RUN, and 90 DAC. Vick might be the move for ladders this weekend....

In another shocking turn of events, the Raiders Theme Team gets another stellar piece to their team. It is none other than the former dry heaves Michigan …


Series Redux

For the first time this year, we get a Series Redux release. These are prior LTD items that are getting rereleased as items that will be available for the rest of the year. These do not have the coin quicksell like the LTDs, instead selling for training like the majority of cards. All of these reduxes are 91 OVR. Let me know which ones you are adding to the squad!



LTDs - Rodney Hudson and Marcus Maye

It is a beautiful Thursday (with a stellar TNF game tonight in Seattle...Hawks vs Rams who ya got???). It is a new batch of LTDs into Madden 22. A reminder that these items are available for 48 hours in packs and have a quicksell value of 250k coins. Offensively, I mean the Raiders TT has been blessed why not bless it some more. It is the big man in the middle, former FSU Seminole Rodney Hudson in the game. While his base item is Cardinals chem, Hudson will bring Chiefs and Raiders chem with his PUP. Hudson has 94 PBK, …


Wildcard Wednesday Veterans II

It's another Wildcard Wednesday and it is Veterans this week coming to Madden 22. Fun part about veterans is that they can switch chemistries to any team they have played for. In my personal opinion, this might be the best group of Vets we have seen, as many of these items are quite playable. This week we have Jason "The People's" McCourty, Ryan "Fitzception" Fitzpatrick, Robert "Harley" Quinn, Cordarrelle "Thanks For The 40 Points Last Week" Patterson, and Jared "Gordon Ramsey" Cook. Veterans Player Packs are live in the store for a random 88+ Veteran (4400 training). Check out all …


TOTW Week 4

The Saints are dead to me and so are the Raiders and we are never talking about those games again. Other than that, another fun week of NFL action and it is time to reward some of the top performers with a Team of the Week items. Let's first talk about our LTDs, as we once again have 2 items available for 24 hours. The GOAT Tom Brady gets one for passing Drew Brees' all time passing yards record. Brady has 91 THP, 93 SAC/MAC, 90 DAC, and 55 SPD (had to throw that in there). The regular LTD is …

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