Heavyweights: Rodney Hudson and Cameron Heyward

EA Sports has released another round of MUT 20 Heavyweights with 2 new player items:

Heavyweights can be acquired from the Auction House or by purchasing a Heavyweights Pack in the store for 1,780 Training that will give you 1 random Heavyweight player item.


House Rules: Loss of Down

House Rules is back this week with a new, limited time (48 hrs) event. In this week's version, we're playing full 3-min quarter games with 1 less down and 10 extra yards to go on offense before a first down. This means 3rd down should now be treated the same as 4th down in this mode. There is one more key difference to keep in mind here: Defensive TD's are worth 15 points! The more games you win, the better rewards you will receive. Rewards this week are the following:

  • 1 Win: 1,000 Coins
  • 3 Wins: 20 Trophies
  • 6 ...

Flashbacks: Derrick Henry and Gerald McCoy

EA Sports has released another round of MUT 20 Flashbacks with a pair of new player items:

Flashbacks can be acquired from the Auction House or by purchasing a Flashbacks Pack in the store for 1,780 Training that will give you 1 random Flashback player item.


The Road to the Classic Days 1 and 2

Today is day 1 of our Road to the Classic broadcasts presented by Starbucks® Nitro Cold Brew! Earlier this week, we already played our 128-player fields on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 down to the final 32. ZAN and Boogz are here at the FANDOM studio in Huntsville, AL to call the action. Here's how you can tune in:

Day 1
Platform: PlayStation 4
Kickoff: 4 PM ET on Saturday 8/17

Day 2
Platform: Xbox One
Kickoff: 4 PM ET on Sunday 8/18

You can catch all of the action on Muthead's Twitch channel: ...


Legends: Steve Young, Willie Brown, and LTD Willie Lanier

EA has released another round of MUT 20 Legends today. Here is a list of all the new content:

Steve Young

Willie Brown

Willie Lanier

The limited time Willie Lanier is only in packs this weekend and because he is the limited time player this week, he has a quicksell value of 250,000 coins so his market value will never drop below ...


Theme Diamonds Program Overview

Theme Diamonds are officially here! Every team is represented in today's content release, but here are a few of our favorites:

To see the full list of Theme Diamonds, head over to our database.

Theme Diamond Master

In addition to the 32 Theme Diamond player items, each representing a single team, there is also a Theme Diamonds Master Kurt Warner. You can unlock him by completing all 32 Theme Diamonds sets (outlined below). It won't be easy -- or cheap.

Theme Diamond Sets

Each of the 32 Theme Diamonds have ...


Signature Series: Christian McCaffrey and Eddie Jackson

The Signature Series program made its return to Madden Ultimate Team today with a pair of new player items:

If you're new to MUT 20, the Signature Series program features limited time player items that are only in packs for 48 hours. If you're looking to add McCaffrey or Jackson to your starting lineup, they will only be available in packs until Saturday 8/17 at 10 AM ET.

Good luck to those of you opening packs today!


Pavan is the FNF Summer Series Champion!

For a total of five weeks over the summer, dozens of the best Madden players in the world faced-off in Friday Night Football to qualify for the first live event of Madden 20. At the end of those five weeks, Crush, Pavan, Prodigy, Cleff, Oreo, and DaKingg came out on top. These six competitors joined us in Dallas, TX last Friday at the GameStop Performance Center, the home of Complexity Gaming, to compete for the $10,000 prize pool.

Before the tournament action started, we opened our broadcast with a celebration of Madden NFL 20 and the modes we love ...


House Rules: Back to School

House Rules is back in a big way! If you're new to Madden Ultimate Team, House Rules is an event in which players compete under different rules than a standard NFL game. The more you win, the better rewards you receive.

In this week's edition of House Rules, we're playing by college overtime rules. Score, get a stop, and you win. If you need a refresher on how college overtime works, check out this article by SBNation.

The goal of House Rules is to just keep winning. The most games you can win over the next 6 days, the better ...


$10,000 Friday Night Football Summer Series Championship

Over the summer, dozens of the world's best Madden players competed each week in the Friday Night Football Summer Series in order to qualify for Muthead's first-ever live event. Crush, Pavan, Prodigy, Cleff, Oreo, and DaKingg came out on top and are here with us at the GameStop Performance Center in Dallas, TX to compete for the $10,000 prize pool.

Here's everything you need to know to tune in:

When: 8/9 at 4 PM ET
Where: and YouTube, Facebook, and Mixer

In addition to the $10,000 tournament, we will be opening up the broadcast ...


Heavyweights: Bosa, Johnson, Clark, Staley

The Heavyweights program made its MUT 20 debut this morning with eight new player items. Here is the list:

Heavyweights usually represent many of the best trench warriors Madden Ultimate Team has to offer. You can obtain them through the Heavyweights pack in the store for 1,780 Training. You'll receive one random Heavyweights player item.

Is Joey Bosa a must-add to your defensive line?


Flashbacks: Luck, Suggs, McCourty, Brooks

If you're new to Madden Ultimate Team, the Flashbacks program is a MUT staple. It is one of the longest running programs and highlights a player at a specific point in his career. Here is the first batch of MUT 20 Flashbacks:

The way you obtain Flashbacks players is a bit different this year. In the store, you can purchase a Flashbacks Pack for 1,780 Training. This pack contains a random Flashbacks player item.

Which of the new Flashbacks players would make ...


Road to the Classic presented by Starbucks® Nitro Cold Brew

We are excited to announce our partnership with EA and Starbucks to host the Road to the Classic presented by Starbucks® Nitro Cold Brew! Over the next few weeks, Muthead will be hosting a series of four 128-player tournaments (two on Xbox One and two on PlayStation 4).

The winner of each tournament will take home $1,000 cash and a custom Starbucks branded controller. Additionally, both the winner and runner-up of each tournament will receive a trip to the Madden Classic, also presented by Starbucks® Nitro Cold Brew, in Arlington, TX on August 30th - September 1st. The trip to ...


Legends: Jerry Rice and Reggie White

EA Sports released the first regular content update to the MUT 20 Legends program today with Jerry Rice and Reggie White. Check out the full ratings on all of the new content:

Jerry Rice

Reggie White


If you're new to the Legends program or need a refresher, you can unlock the 90 OVR Legends Boss for either player by completing his Legends set ...


How to Unlock Twitch Prime Jim Brown

Twitch Prime Legends are back! If you’re unfamiliar Twitch Prime, it requires you to have Amazon Prime where you can claim free in-game content and even free games. For MUT, Twitch Prime will allow you to claim an 85 OVR Legend.

Twitch Prime Legend

I have Amazon Prime!
Connect your EA Account to your Twitch Account. Then connect your Amazon Account to your Twitch Account. Now you’ll be able to claim your Twitch Prime Loot.

Make sure the correct Gamertag or PSN ID is linked to your EA Account

  1. Login to your EA Account ...

MUT Superstars Program Overview

MUT Superstars comes to MUT… in the middle of the night. MUT Superstars brings upgraded players to highlight the Superstar and X-Factor abilities that are brand new in Madden 20. The biggest positive, to me, is that these MUT Superstars are going to allow us to test a lot of the abilities without spending an absurd amount of Training. Take a deep breath and let’s dive in.

Refresher: X-Factor abilities require you to complete in-game objectives to get your player “in the zone.” Superstar abilities are passive abilities, meaning they are always active in-game.

Who are the MUT Superstars ...


Choose the Best MUT 20 Team Captain

MUT Captains make a return in MUT this year. If you’re new to MUT, or the MUT Captains program sounds completely new to you, you’re going to want to read this. You’ll be able to select a player out of four choices and then upgrade him to help improve your MUT team. Let us do a quick rundown of everything about MUT Captains.

“What’s a rundown?” - Jim

How do I get my MUT Captain?
At MUT Level 11 you will unlock a pack where you can select one 80 OVR MUT Captain. MUT Captains are non-auctionable ...


Everything You Need to Know About Theme Builders

Firm handshakes everyone because MUT Season is officially here. I hope everyone is ready for totally normal sleep schedules, where we definitely do not stay up too late, as we all start building our MUT teams. Speaking of building our MUT Teams, let’s take a look at one of the MUT 20 launch programs: Theme Builders. With Theme Builders, you’ll be getting tokens as you level up to unlock Theme Builder Challenges, and then after completing the Challenges, you’ll be rewarded with a Theme King.

Refresher: Challenges are essentially solos. The difference is you can now complete ...


MUT 20 Tips for Starting Your Ultimate Team

Happy MUT Season everyone! I wanted to share with you guys some tips to start the MUT year off on the right foot or left foot. I know there are some lefties out there. Here you’ll find several key tips as you begin your MUT experience for Madden 20.

Skills Trainer Packs
- A good way to brush up on your Madden game, or learn some new things, is through the Skills Trainer. You can find it under Exhibition on the main menu of the game.
- Get up to 12 MUT packs and all of the items in the pack ...


Friday Night Football #25 is on Madden 20 with EA Access

Our Madden 20 esports program officially kicks off tonight with Friday Night Football #25 sponsored by Grubhub. White the official launch date of the new game isn't until August 2nd, thanks to EA Access, we'll be playing tonight's tournament on Madden NFL 20. 32 of the best Madden players will be competing in a single-elimination tournament for a $1,000 winner-take-all prize. Here's how to watch:

With an EA Access subscription, you can play Madden 20 for a total of 10 hours before the ...


Madden 20 Base Roster Ratings Released

This morning, EA released their Play-Now/CFM roster ratings for Madden 20. The roster set is highlighted by four 99 OVR players in Aaron Donald, DeAndre Hopkins, Khalil Mack, and Bobby Wagner.

Here are your Top 10 players by overall rating in Madden 20:

  • Aaron Donald (LAR) | 99 OVR
  • DeAndre Hopkins (HOU) | 99 OVR
  • Khalil Mack (CHI) | 99 OVR
  • Bobby Wagner (SEA) | 99 OVR
  • Antonio Brown (OAK) | 98 OVR
  • Julio Jones (ATL) | 98 OVR
  • Luke Kuechly (CAR) | 98 OVR
  • David Bakhtiari (GB) | 97 OVR
  • Todd Gurley II (LAR) | 97 OVR
  • Patrick Mahomes (KC) | 97 OVR

Base Madden Ultimate Team rosters ...