Zan's Corner: Beating Cover 2 Coverages


Hey everyone,


I just wanted to say thank you for checking out ZAN's Corner. This is a video tip series that I plan on doing every Tuesday here on Muthead where we will tackle some of the popular tactics in the Madden Community. Some weeks it will be an offensive breakdown, while others will focus on how to stop a popular play or scheme in Madden 17.


This week, I decided to start off the series with a video on attacking Soft Squats vs. Cloud Flat zones in Cover 2 defenses. You'll come to find out that these zones have different sets of rules and play completely differently on the short vs. the wide side of the field!


I hope that this video (and videos to come) will be useful for you guys and help you utilize some of the items on your MUT teams to attack your opponents in new ways! I'll be checking the comments below. Feel free to post any questions, comments, or concerns!




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