Madden NFL 20: Playbook Improvements and RPOs


During their Gameplay Deep Dive stream EA brought on Game Designer Anthony White to talk about playbook improvements, RPOs, and trick plays in Madden 20. This article will cover the highlights, but make sure to check out the full stream here.

RPOs in Madden NFL 20

Run/Pass Options, or RPOs, are something that the Madden community has been asking for as they've become more popular in the NFL. This year, EA delivered by adding over 200 RPOs into the game (with more to come as the year goes on).


There are three main types of RPOs in Madden 20:


Peek RPO. The Peek RPO is very similar to a read option. After the snap you "peek" at a conflict defender and try to decide whether to hand the ball off to the HB or pass to a wide receiver. In Peek RPOs, the quarterback is not a ballcarrier.


Read RPO. The Read RPO is just like the current triple option. You'll have the ability to hand off to a HB, take off with the QB, or pass to a wide receiver.


Alert RPO. The Alert RPO is based on pre-snap reads. The offense will have the ability to run the play in different ways depending on what you see before you snap the football. These plays can transform from hand-offs to smoke screens, bubble screens, or lookies (quick slants) depending on your formation.

Playbook Improvements

Anthony White talked about how playbooks will be very dependent on the team and how they run their offenses in real life. The Patriots playbook might not have a lot of RPOs, but teams like the Eagles and Chiefs will.


Another thing mentioned was that each teams' playbooks will more closely resemble their real-life counterpart. The LA Rams, for example, will no longer have an I-Form formation, and instead all of their under-center plays will be some version of a singleback set. This type of attention to detail (and the ability to update playbooks throughout the year) should expand the meta and allow for a variety of offenses to find success in Madden 20.

Handoff Technology in Madden 20

One more thing worth noting is that EA has updated the tech they use to coordinate handoffs in Madden 20. They now have the ability to involve multiple players, which opens up the possibility for improved jet sweeps, reverses, and even trick plays like the Philly Special.


Look for RPOs, jet sweeps, and trick plays to play a much bigger role in Madden 20 than ever before.


After watching EA's Gameplay Deep Dive stream, which change are you most excited about in Madden 20?


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