Madden NFL 20: Gameplay Improvements


EA Sports just announced a ton of gameplay improvements, including many legacy fixes that users have been asking about for years. In this article we'll go over some of the changes and how they could impact you in Madden 20. For a complete breakdown of everything EA has announced, make sure to check out their livestream here.

Madden 20 Gameplay Improvements

One of the first things that Clint Oldenburg mentioned was improvements to the passing trajectory. In the past, the ball would leave the quarterback's hand and travel at a trajectory so low that defenders who were nowhere near the landing spot would still be able to make the interception. This year, the ball will travel higher and slower, which should make for more realistic feeling throws.


Alongside the trajectory changes are limits to the lurking linebackers and their ability to jump up to intercept passes. Now, if a defender is a certain distance away from the landing spot he won't be able to reach the ball as it goes over his head. Instead, you'll get an animation of the defender jumping for the ball but coming up short, as well as some in-game feedback that will give you an explanation of what happened.


Here are some other gameplay changes that EA mentioned:


Pump Fakes. In Madden 20, pump fakes will matter a lot more than ever before. Double-tapping a receiver's icon will pump fake toward that receiver, allowing you the ability to control who your QB is pump faking toward. On certain double-moves there will be a window in which the pump fake has an increased chance at getting the defender to jump the route early. Some quarterbacks (like Ben Roethlisberger) will have a pump fake Superstar Ability that will make their pump fakes even more powerful.


Refactored QB Pressure Penalties. EA has changed the way pressuring the quarterback affects their ability to make passes. Pressure will have a higher impact than before, but better quarterbacks will have the ability to resist pressure and still make accurate throws. In-game feedback, which we'll talk about more below, is much improved, and the reasons your throws are accurate or inaccurate will be more clearly explained in Madden 20 than they are this year.


Rushed Get Ups. Players who fall down with the football but who haven't been touched down (like on a diving fumble recovery), will finally have the logic to get up quickly to try and continue the play. It's worth noting that offensive linemen will not have this advanced logic and will still get up slowly in these situations.


Fast to Fun. One of the goals EA had for Madden 20 was to make it "more playing, less watching." The way they achieved this was by shortening pre and post-play cut scenes, including completely removing the huddle break and ensuing jog to the line of scrimmage. Now, after you call your play, you'll be at the line of scrimmage with your players already in their positions. The play-clock and accelerated clock features have been tuned to account for this change.


On-field Trainer. In-game feedback has been changed to be more dynamic, informative, and helpful. The game will learn your tendencies and suggest ways that you can improve by teaching you features that you either don't know about or don't use often. The in-game feedback system is much more comprehensive than ever before and will give you real-time feedback on what you're doing right and wrong.


Playcall Screen. The playcall screen in Madden 20 has been changed to include information like who your Superstars are and what their abilities are. This will make it easier for users to get their best players involved in crucial situations.


Which of the gameplay improvements that EA mentioned during their stream are you most looking forward to testing out in Madden 20?


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