Madden NFL 20: Ultimate Challenges Are Replacing Solos


One of the biggest changes that EA Sports announced during their Madden NFL 20 Ultimate Team reveal was Ultimate Challenges. In this article we'll go over exactly how Ultimate Challenges will change the way you play MUT by turning Solo Challenges into more dynamic and custom experiences.

What Are Ultimate Challenges?

Ultimate Challenges are EA's replacement for Solo Challenges in Madden 20. They've completely overhauled the Solo Challenge system to give players a lot more control over how they play the mode. What are some of those changes?


Ultimate Challenges don't have to be a solo experience! You now have the ability to join forces with your friends to tackle Ultimate Challenges together. You can team up with your friends just like in Squads and try to complete the challenge sequences together.


Ultimate Challenges can be customized. The new challenge system is designed to test for skill instead of just forcing you to grind for hours to complete mindless tasks. Ultimate Challenges will have various difficulties (Star Ratings) that will totally change the objectives and rewards for each challenge.


Jake Stein mentioned that changing the Star Rating could change more than just the difficulty. Depending on what you choose, it could change field position, who starts with the ball, and other in-game factors that will make the challenge more difficult.


Ultimate Challenges can be played out of order. In a lot of cases, you'll have the ability to play through these challenges in any order you choose. This will allow you to go after the rewards you want without having to grind through unnecessary filler games.


Ultimate Challenges are replayable. Because of the new star system for rewards, you'll want to complete each Ultimate Challenge on the hardest difficulty that you can. Luckily, you can play each Ultimate Challenge as many times as it takes to make sure you're getting the maximum rewards possible.

Ultimate Challenge Stars - New Reward System

EA has decided to shift away from sequential solo challenges and give players a more customize-able path to the best rewards. Now, instead of simply playing through a sequence in order to get to the last game for the best rewards, you'll have the opportunity to hit certain 'milestones' by collecting stars.


The rewards for challenge sequences are based on how many stars you've earned, not how many challenges you've completed. So it's possible to get some of the best rewards by reaching those star milestones before you've played every single challenge.


In most Ultimate Challenges you'll have the ability to choose whether you're going after 1, 2, or 3 stars. Choosing the stars is essentially the same as choosing your difficulty level. More stars = harder challenges. Additionally, each Ultimate Challenge will have bonus goals -- things like "Pass for 50 yards on one play" or "Use 3 ballcarrier moves and score a TD on a single play" -- that will allow you to pick up extra stars.


In order to get the most stars possible, you'll have to complete each challenge and its bonus goals on the hardest difficulty. Luckily, as we mentioned before, Ultimate Challenges are replayable, so you'll have the opportunity to do them as many times as necessary. And don't forget to team up with your friends!


What do you think of Ultimate Challenges and how they are changing the MUT experience?


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