First Look at Madden 20 Superstar X-Factor Abilities


EA Sports revealed a lot of information on the brand new Superstar X-Factors and Superstar Abilities feature on their Twitch broadcast earlier tonight. We'll give you a high level overview, but if you want all the details, you'll want to check out the video here.


According to Clint Oldenburg, Sr. Gameplay Designer, Superstar X-Factors and Superstar Abilities were created "to make stars feel like stars" and "to really make these guys feel like themselves and bring that wow factor that they bring to the NFL field." This was accomplished by adding two new types of abilities: Zone Abilities and Star Abilities. Each type of ability alters gameplay in such a way that is intended make players with these abilities stand out from the rest of the league.

Superstar X-Factor Zone Abilities

There are a total of 50 Superstar X-Factor players and each comes with a Zone Ability. These abilities come with an in-game challenge that must be completed to activate the Zone Ability. Once activated, the opponent will have a knockout condition which will deactivate the Zone Ability. While the X-Factor Zone Ability concepts seem to be close to being finalized, their activation and knockout conditions are still being tuned. Here the Zone Abilities mentioned on tonight's broadcast:


Bazooka increases a QB's maximum throwing distance to 80 yards. Patrick Mahomes has Bazooka.

Condition: Complete X 30+ yard in air passes

Knockout: Sack the QB, force a fumble, or catch an interception


RAC 'em Up increases a player's 1-on-1 contested RAC catch chances and increases the chance to hold on to the ball when taking a hit while attempting a RAC catch.

Condition: Catch X passes for Y yards

Knockout: Cause a dropped pass with a catch tackle knockout or get a user lurk vs. the activated WR


First One Free increases the fakeout chance for the first juke, spin, or hesi of a play for RBs.

Condition: Rush X times for Y yards

Knockout: Tackle the RB for a loss of yards


Fearmonger causes a defender to apply pressure to a QB at greater distances and while engaged with a blocker. QB pressure was reworked in Madden 20 to have a more significant penalty while throwing under pressure. Aaron Donald likely has Fearmonger.

Condition: Unknown

Knockout: Unknown

Superstar Abilities

Unlike Zone Abilities, Superstar Abilities are passive and always on. Nothing is required to activate them and there's no knockout condition. Here are the passive Superstar Abilities mentioned on the broadcast:


Escape Artist gives mobile QBs elite speed and agility on passing plays behind the line of scrimmage while scrambling. It is countered by QB contain and scrambling QBs have an increased chance of fumbling. Patrick Mahomes has Escape Artist.


Fast Break gives the QB immediate and complete ball carrier control on designed QB run plays. It also causes a delay in the read and react time of the defense.


Slot-o-matic increases a WR's catch chances and gives elite cuts on short routes run from the slot. Julian Edelman has Slot-o-matic.


Enforcer doesn't allow broken hit sticks regardless of the match-up with the hit stick target. Hit sticks have been reworked to factor in the ratings match-up, weights, and momentum of the players involved. Bobby Wagner and Harrison Smith have Enforcer.


Dashing Deadeye gives a QB perfect passing accuracy when throwing on the run when outside of the pocket, exclusing high/low throws, under pressure, and cross-body throws. Patrick Mahomes has Dashing Deadeye.


Red Zone Deadeye gives a QB perfect passing accuracy inside the Red zone (20-yard line), excluding high/low throws and under pressure. Patrick Mahomes has Red Zone Deadeye.


No-Look Deadeye gives a QB perfect passing accuracy when making cross-body throws, excluding high/low throws and under pressure. Patrick Mahomes has No-Look Deadeye.


The broadcast mentioned that these new abilities will have an impact across the game's many modes including regs, MUT, and CFM.


What do you think about this new feature and all of the abilities that come with it?


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