MUT 19: Loyalty Program Overview


This morning EA released the MUT Loyalty Program, featuring 99 OVR versions of Kyle Fuller and Aaron Rodgers. There are new Objectives and Sets, which you can see below:



  • Kyle Fuller - Requires 8x MUT 19 Loyalty Tokens
  • Aaron Rodgers - Requires 8x MUT 19 Loyalty Tokens
  • 97+ Full Ultimate Legend Player - Requires 7x MUT 19 Loyalty Tokens
  • 94+ OVR Player - Requires 5x MUT 19 Loyalty Programs
  • Ultimate Legends Fantasy Pack - Requires 3x MUT 19 Loyalty Tokens
  • 85+ OVR Elite - Requires 1x MUT 19 Loyalty Token


Complete any 4 of your Weekly Objective Tasks each week to earn a MUT Loyalty Token that can be used in sets.


Kraelo also hinted that on Friday, during a special early stream at 10AM ET, EA will announce how Series 7 will give you the ability to speed up the process of collecting MUT Loyalty Tokens.


What do you think about the MUT 19 Loyalty Program?


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