New Features in Madden NFL 20


EA released the first news about Madden NFL 20! Their article goes over new features and modes like Face of the Franchise: QB1, Superstar X-Factor Players, and Madden Ultimate Team Missions.


Release Date: August 2nd, 2019


Listen to ZAN break down everything that was announced in the video above.

Cover Athlete

The Madden NFL 20 Cover Athlete will be Patrick Mahomes III.

Face of the Franchise: QB1

In this mode, you'll create a college quarterback and play in the College Football Playoff before heading to the NFL Combine. This is a customizable career campaign in which the choices you make will affect your career. More information is coming on 5/2.

Superstar X-Factor Players

These players will have "unique abilities that make stars feel like stars." More information is coming on 5/9.

Madden Ultimate Team

New daily Ultimate Team Missions are going to help you get the players you want faster than ever. More information is coming on 5/16.

Gameplay Legacy Fixes

More information is coming on 5/23.

Madden NFL Mobile

More information is coming on 5/30.


Based on everything we know so far, what are you most hyped about in Madden 20?



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