MUT 19 February Quick Fix Title Update



This morning EA released a "quick fix" update to address one of the community's biggest concerns: desyncs. Read the full notes below:

Today’s Title Update was a follow up to the February Title Update released last Tuesday. As always, your feedback heavily influences our updates and we thank you for the feedback.

This specific update addresses the following:

  • Desyncs: Fix for a Hot Route desync and Two-minute warning softlock desync.
    • DEV NOTE: With our increased logging/tracking from the February update, we will continue to address future stability issues.
  • Solo Challenges: Fix for solos challenges that used end conditions (If the user or CPU scores on a failed attempt, then the user restarts, the user or CPU will only have one play on the next attempt).

This update does not include a fix for players falling forward; however, our teams are aware of the issue and investigating how to address it. Once we have an update, we will make sure to post on the EA Forums.

What do you think of this "quick fix" title update?


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