MUT 19 NFL Offseason Program Overview


Today EA launched the NFL Offseason Program, which is made up of multiple parts. They introduced Series 5, Team MVPs, Team Builders, a new Scout Chemistry, and more. Series 5 raises the Level Cap to 80 and allows Ryan Shazier to be updated to a 99 OVR. Here's a quick overview of everything:


There are a ton of new players being introduced into MUT, including over 200 Team Builders, 20 Team MVPs, and 12 new Power Ups. You can see the Team MVPs below and then check out all of the Team Builders in the Muthead Database.


MUT Master

Team MVPs

Power Ups

  • The 12 new Power Ups will be coming out on Sunday.


There is a new set of Solos called Scouting the NFL that is made up of two sequences. Completing these challenges will earn coins and Scouts (the new currency).


  • Scouting NFL Team Defenses (20 Challenges)
  • Scouting NFL Team Offenses (20 Challenges)


There are 10 Offensive MVP Sets and 10 Defensive MVP Sets, one for each Team MVP listed above. These sets take a varying amount of team-specific Team Builders, Team of the Week Players, and Elite and Gold Tokens to complete.


There are also new Series 5 MUT Master Sets:


  • Micah Hyde - 88x Series 5 Trophies
  • NAT Micah Hyde - 44x Series 5 Trophies
  • 88-91 OVR Player - 15x Series 5 Trophies
  • 92-94 OVR Player - 50x Series 5 Trophies
  • Coach Madden Collectible - 100x Series 5 Trophies


There are new objectives for Series 5 and for MUT Master.


  • Series 5 Multiplayer - Win Online Games to earn Series 5 Trophies. Completing all of the objectives results in an additional 100,000 coins. This Objective List expires on March 29th.
  • MUT Master Finale - Complete these objectives to boost your Ryan Shazier to a 99 OVR:
    • Win 150 Games in any non-Play a Friend mode.
    • Win 5 games >= 95 OVR
    • Reach MUT Level 80
    • Complete 25 Daily Objective Lists

New Currency

There is a new currency in the game called Scouts. You can earn Scouts by quickselling Team Builder and Team MVP players, through Solos, and through Objectives. As usual with a new currency there is a special section in the Store that allows you to spend your Scouts on new players.


What do you think of the NFL Offseason launch so far?



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