Muthead Podcast: Desyncs, Title Updates, and Super Bowl Rings


In this episode of the Muthead Podcast we cover a lot of topics, ranging from desyncs to new MUT currrencies to the most powerful theme teams in Madden 19. You can listen to the entire episode above simply by hitting play, or subscribe to us on iTunes and listen on the go!

Show Notes



  • Pre-recorded desyncs in the Club Championship
  • January Title Update Discussion
  • Re-entry point for players who want to get back into MUT?
  • Complete theme teams
  • Super Bowl Program: Part 1
  • Power-Ups are much better than last year, but...
  • Super Bowl Rings
  • Super Bowl Legends who haven't won a ring
  • Super Bowl Program: Part 2
  • Patriots Theme Team
  • Who will be Super Bowl MVP?
  • Super Bowl Predictions

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  • Super Bowl Predictions: Final Score and/or who wins Super Bowl MVP?


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