Muthead Podcast: How will the November Title Update change MUT?


In this week's episode of the Muthead Podcast we talk about the November Title Update and its implications in MUT. With so many exploits patched, what will become the new meta?


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Show Notes

Links mentioned in this week's episode:

Topics covered in the podcast:

  • TOTW 11 - Special changes based on MNF
  • The biggest changes in the November Title Update
  • How will this patch impact competitive Madden?
  • Is Cover 4 going to be the new meta?
  • Playbook changes
  • Squads Duos!
  • MUT Harvest Turkey Bowl Program
  • MUT Harvest Turkey Bowl All-Stars

We hope you enjoyed this week's episode of the Muthead Podcast!


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  1. What is your favorite part of the November Title Update?


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