Muthead Podcast: How are MUT OVRs calculated?


This week on the Muthead Podcast we talk about Series 3, Football Outsiders, Michael Thomas, TOTW, and much more. Find out what happened when we plugged Jevon Kearse into "create a player" to find out what his in-game OVR actually is.


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Show Notes

Links mentioned in this week's episode:

Topics covered in the podcast:

  • Series 3 Recap and Review
  • Football Outsiders items are really good
  • The Steve McLendon Debacle
  • Carlos Hyde and Anthony Sherman
  • Team of the Week 9
  • Michael Thomas
  • Muthead League Season 7
  • Is Jevon "The Freak" Kearse a true 93 OVR?
  • Chris Harris Jr

We hope you enjoyed this week's episode of the Muthead Podcast!


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  1. Which weekly content drop brings the best new items into MUT?


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