Legends: Michael Vick, Reggie White, and LTD Bryant Young


This year EA wasted no time in getting fan favorite Michael Vick into the game. Both the Legends version and the Power Up version of Vick are now available in MUT 19. You can see his full ratings, along with today's other Legends, below:

Bryant Young

There is a LTD Boss Legend version of Bryant Young that quicksells for 500,000 coins. This item will only be in packs for a limited time.


Michael Vick

Reggie White

You can earn the Michael Vick and Reggie White's Power Up items by completing their solo challenges in the Legends section.


There are Legend Sets for both Michael Vick and Reggie White that you complete in order to get the 91 OVR Boss Legend version. These sets require every other Legend version of the player.


For example, Michael Vick's Legend set requires you to put in the 89 OVR, 87 OVR, 85 OVR, 84 OVR, and 83 OVR versions.


What do you think of these new MUT 19 Legends?


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