How to Win Solo Battles in MUT 19


This past week I've been ranked #1 in Solo Battles, and as a result I've been getting a lot of messages asking me about my Solo Battle strategy. The truth is I don't know any secret formula, but I'm happy to share what has been working for me so that you can try to replicate it and climb the leaderboards yourself.

Statistics Matter

Everybody who is placing in the Top 100 is probably running up the score, but what separates the Top 10 is the ability to mix up their offense. Throwing for 500 yards and 10 TDs to a single receiver is not going to generate as high of a User Skill score as throwing for a ton of first downs to a variety of players.


It's important to score a lot of points, but make sure that you're going about it as "normally" as possible. Mix in the run, take safe throws, and avoid costly mistakes. Throwing interceptions and having a low completion percentage will really take a chunk out of your Battle Score potential.

Play Defense

You might be tempted to give up points in order to score more points yourself. Don't do it! Find a defense that works for you and try to prevent the CPU from scoring at all.


I've been using a mixture of plays from Dollar 3-2-6, mainly Cross Fire 3 Press and Cover 3 Sky Press. The goal is to force a turnover or a three and out as fast as possible. The more time you can spend on offense, the better. Which leads me to my next point...

Use Your Timeouts

Whenever possible, stop the clock. Get out of bounds and use your time outs to extend the game for as long as you can.


The Solo Battles only have 3 minute quarters, so make sure that you're hyper-aware of clock management as the game goes on. Every second counts.



You can see in the picture above that I was winning 42-7 in the 2nd quarter. My 80 OVR Blake Bortles was having a fantastic game, but only accounted for half of my points.


With 25 seconds to go and 2 timeouts I was able to force another turnover and score again before the half, but I only ended up winning this game 56-7. The entire 2nd half my focus was on padding my offensive stats by taking short throws, running the ball, and getting as many wide receivers involved as I possibly could.

Scheme Over Team

My team is an 81 OVR and I have a wildly inaccurate quarterback. My strategy is to play smart, keep the clock stopped, and take completions where I can get them. If you're struggling on offense or defense, make sure to check out the gameplans at PlaybookGG.


I hope this guide helps you climb the Solo Battles leaderboards, and I look forward to seeing you up in the Top 100!


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