Muthead Podcast: Madden 19 News and Information


The Muthead Podcast is back! In each episode of the Muthead Podcast we'll bring you the latest Madden Ultimate Team news and information to keep you up to date with everything EA is doing.


With just one week until Madden 19 is released (on PC and for EA Access members), there is a ton of new information being released every day by EA and the EA Game Changers. In this episode we discuss Day 1 ratings, Solo Battles, and first impressions of the new player training system.


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Time Stamps

  • 1:40 - Speed in Madden 19
  • 9:10 - The ratings cliff in Madden 19 (regular teams)
  • 12:15 - What to do on Day 1 in Madden Ultimate Team
  • 16:00 - Power Ups
  • 20:30 - Team Diamonds
  • 22:30 - Antonio Brown's ratings
  • 27:30 - How EA is trying to add player variety with new ratings
  • 29:45 - Battles Scores in the new Solo Battles mode
  • 36:20 - Which player should you aim for on Day 1?

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