Muthead Podcast: Rookie Premieres, Madden 19 Rookie Ratings, and the 99 Club


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This week we cover a lot of ground, from MUT 18 Rookie Premieres all the way to the latest Madden 19 news.

Show Notes

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  • 1:30 - Let's talk about the Rookie Premiere program
  • 6:30 - Which Rookie Premiere players stand out?
  • 9:50 - Hindsight about the pacing of MUT 18
  • 15:30 - Ultimate Legends - Does weight matter?
  • 19:30 - Signature Series Tom Brady and Harrison Smith
  • 21:50 - Looking ahead at Madden 19
  • 31:10 - Who got snubbed from the Madden 99 Club?

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  • Who was the biggest snub from the Madden 99 Club?


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