Muthead Podcast: MUT 19 Features and Expectations


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This week ChewbaccaLemma and I talk about the latest Madden 19 news, our MUT 19 expectations, Golden Tickets, and much more.

Show Notes

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  • 1:00 - Are you surprised by the Madden 19 release date?
  • 3:15 - MUT 19 features and our expectations
  • 22:30 - Free NAT Golden Ticket Day (Loyalty Voucher Discussion)
  • 28:08 - Which of the 21 Golden Tickets is the best? The worst?
  • 33:50 - Week 17 NFL Replays Antonio Brown and J.J. Watt
  • 41:20 - Ultimate Legends Steve Young, Deion Sanders, and Rod Smith
  • 47:40 - Important Dates to remember for Madden 19 news
  • 50:30 - Join the Muthead Newsletter to stay on top of the latest Madden 19 news

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  • Did you have enough Loyalty Vouchers for a free NAT Golden Ticket? Who did you pull?


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