Muthead Podcast: Golden Tickets and more!


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Each episode will keep you up to date with the latest MUT news, items, and promotions, but will also feature insights and tips from Madden community leaders.


In this episode, we talk about the Golden Ticket program, the Week 13 NFL Replay items, and Ultimate Legends Dan Marino and Larry Wilson.

Show Notes

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  • 0:17 - Golden Tickets!
  • 6:00 - The best Week 13 NFL Replays
  • 20:00 - Ultimate Legend Dan Marino (does SPD matter?)
  • 30:00 - Is Ultimate Legend Larry Wilson the best safety in the game?
  • 34:00 - Muthead League Season 4 Announcement

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  1. Who would you have upgraded if you pulled a Golden Ticket?


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