Muthead Podcast: How To Make Easy Coins Using Position Heroes


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The Offensive Position Heroes opened up a whole new world of sniping on the Auction House. In this episode, Chewbacca Lemma shares a hidden filter that anybody can use to make a ton of coins in Madden Ultimate Team. We also talk about the new player items in the game and give our predictions for who will be the Defensive Position Heroes.

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  • 2:00 - Position Heroes (Offense) Discussion
  • 15:30 - Who are LOCKS for Defensive Position Heroes?
  • 27:00 - How to use Position Heroes to make a ton of coins on the Auction House
  • 38:00 - How do the Week 9 NFL Replays items stack up to other players in MUT?

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  1. Who will DEFINITELY be a Defensive Position Hero?


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