Position Heroes: Offense


After a lot of hype and speculation over the past several weeks, Position Heroes are finally here! Here is the full list the 98 OVR players for each offensive position:


Each player also has a 94 OVR version that is significantly easier to obtain. You can find those in our database here.


As in past years, sets are the key to unlocking Position Heroes. Each player has two sets, one for the 94 OVR version and another for the 98 OVR version. Both sets require player items with the same position as the Position Hero reward. Both sets reward players that can be auctioned and traded. Here are the requirements:


98 OVR Position Hero

  • 94 OVR Position Hero (earned from the player's 94 OVR set)
  • 2x 91+ OVR
  • 5x 88-89 OVR
  • 8x 85-87 OVR
  • 10x 80-84 OVR

94 OVR Position Hero

  • 2x 88-90 OVR
  • 5x 85-87 OVR
  • 8x 80-84 OVR
  • 10x 75-79 OVR
  • 10x 70-74 OVR
  • 15x 60-69 OVR

Greg Zuerlein's set requires less total players than the other positions given the rarity of kickers in Madden Ultimate Team this year.

Solo Challenges

There is a new Star Command Offensive Unit solo challenge sequence which will help you complete Position Heroes sets. The 12-game sequence rewards you with 22,750 coins, an Offensive Fantasy Pack, and a 94 OVR Position Hero player item. This 94 OVR is NAT, but it can be used in the corresponding 98 OVR Position Hero set.


There are six Position Heroes objectives available. If you are able to complete all of them, you will earn a total of 1,000,000 coins.

  • Complete 2 Unique Offensive 98 PH Sets (25,000 coins)
  • Complete 4 Unique Offensive 98 PH Sets (50,000 coins)
  • Complete 6 Unique Offensive 98 PH Sets (75,000 coins)
  • Complete 8 Unique Offensive 98 PH Sets (100,000 coins)
  • Complete 10 Unique Offensive 98 PH Sets (150,000 coins)
  • Complete 12 Unique Offensive 98 PH Sets (250,000 coins)

Upon completion of all 6 challenges, you will also receive an additional 350,000 coins according to Kraelo.

Packs and Bundles


Pack/Bundle Contents

Offense Fantasy Pack

22,000 Coins or 400 Points

Limit: None

Choose a pack containing 4 Gold or better players and 4 Silver or better players. Your choice of any offensive position or kicker.

Offense Fantasy Bundle

2,200 Points

Limit: 6

Contains 6 Offense Fantasy Packs and an 84+ OVR Elite Offensive Player Topper.


We can expect the Position Heroes defensive players to follow in the coming weeks. What do you think of this year's Position Heroes program?


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