Muthead Podcast: How to get Ultimate Master NTL a day early


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Each episode will keep you up to date with the latest MUT news, items, and promotions, but will also feature insights and tips from Madden community leaders.


In this episode, we talk about the new NFL Replays items and discuss ratings like SPD and RBK. Then ChewbaccaLemma shares a secret about how to get Ultimate Master NTL just a little bit ahead of schedule. After that, we dive into the newest Ultimate Legends and speculate about why some items play better than others even if the ratings say otherwise.

Show Notes

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  • 1:00 - Muthead League Season 3 Playoffs
  • 3:15 - NFL Replays you can use. How important is speed? How important is run blocking?
  • 9:50 - How to get Ultimate Master NTL a day or two early
  • 20:40 - Ultimate Legend Randy Moss
  • 26:20 - Does UL Ed Reed live up to the Ed Reed's of past Maddens?
  • 30:25 - Why do some players that look great on paper, like Willie Lanier, get bad reviews from people who have used them?

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  1. Who are some players in MUT that play way better than their ratings? Who under-performs?


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