Boss Battles Program Overview


Today EA added a new program called Boss Battles to MUT. This program introduces 24 new player items to game, including four 99 OVR players. You can see who these new players are and their full ratings below:


In addition to these 99 OVR players, there are 20 other new player items. You can see all of the Boss Battles Players by looking in the Muthead Database.


EA replaced Gauntlet Unleashed with a new solo challenge section called Boss Battles. There are 14 new solo challenges separated into 4 sequences: Level 1, Level 2, Boss Battle, and Heroic Boss Battle.


  • Level 1 - The first sequence is called Level 1 and is just 3 challenges long. It's live on Monday through Thursday and rewards you with a Boss Key that you can use to unlock Boss Battles over the weekend.
  • Level 2 - The second sequence is called Level 2 and is also available on Monday through Thursday. This sequence has marginally better rewards (more coins and contracts) and also gets you a 2nd Boss Key.
  • Boss Battle - This sequence is available starting at 10:30AM ET on Friday all the way through Sunday. You must use a Boss Key to unlock this sequence, and the rewards include an 88 OVR Boss Player and a Boss Trophy.
  • Heroic Boss Battle - In this final sequence you have the chance to earn a 90 OVR Boss player and another Boss Trophy. This sequence is unlocked with a Boss Key and is only available from Friday at 10:30 AM ET until Monday at 10:00 AM ET.


There are 11 Boss Battles sets.


  • Unlock Boss Battles (2 sets) - Turn in this week's Boss Keys to unlock the Boss Battles mentioned above.
  • Earn Boss Players (5 sets) - Trade in Boss Players for better ones and turn in Boss Trophies to earn a 99 OVR Legendary Boss.
  • Exchange Boss Players (4 sets) - Exchange Boss Players for auctionable random Elite players.

What do you think of the Boss Battles Program and these new players?



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