ZAN's Corner: SHUTTING DOWN the HB Stretch

Welcome back to ZAN's Corner,


This week on the show, in light of the recent Ultimate League meta offense, we will break down how to decimate the HB Stretch to BOTH the short and wide side of the field by using one simple and easy rule. As the year goes on, players are falling in love with the HB Stretch. After the intial meta change in which players started to base align and press from Cover 2 to allow the wide side corner to fly into the backfield in his "force" run assignment, many players started to run the stretch to the short side of the field where the base alignment issue does not apply.


This tip in the video will stop the stretch to either side of the field from any defensive formation (except Quarter or Goalline) and ANY PLAY in the game!

As always, post any questions, comments, or concerns below! I will answer as many as I can throughout the week!


Have a great week and I'll see you again next Sunday!




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