MUT 18: Ultimate Legends Program Overview


#MUTSeason has begun! EA has kicked off the Ultimate Legends (UL) Program this year by dropping 10 UL player items into the game. Before we dive into the specifics of how this program works in MUT 18, take a look at all the UL players and their full ratings below:

Mike Vick

Jerome Bettis

Chad Johnson

Larry Allen

Bruce Matthews

Jason Taylor

Mike Singletary

Derrick Brooks

Steve Atwater

Ken Houston


Each of the 97 OVR Ultimate Legend players can be earned by completing a set that requires all 5 of their Ultimate Legend items. You can choose the chemistry for the 97 OVR version once you complete the set.


There is also a Weekly Trade-In set that requires 6x Gold Tokens to complete. This set rewards you with 1x 88-95 OVR Current Release Ultimate Legend Player.


UL Giveaway Trade-In - If you log in and claim your UL giveaway player each week, you can trade in 8x of them to get a full 97 OVR UL Player.


EA has also announced that they'll be releasing a LTD Ultimate Legend Mel Blount tomorrow.


Which of these Ultimate Legends do you want the most?


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