Flashbacks: Darrelle Revis, Marshawn Lynch, and more


Today EA released 8 new Flashbacks player items and updated the MUT Master Sean Taylor. To get the new Sean Taylor upgrade, you must complete the MUT Master Upgrade Set, which requires 1x MUT Master Upgrade Token, 4x Elite Tokens, 2x Wildcard Gold Team Tokens, and 2x Wildcard Silver Team Tokens. You can then choose a 97 OVR Sean Taylor with Tip Drill, Secure Tackler, and your choice of a 2x chemistry.


You can see all of today's new player items and their full ratings below:


You can get a random Flashback Player (90-94 OVR) by completing the Flashbacks Token Exchange Set. This set requires 1x Elite Token, 5x Wildcard Gold Team Tokens, and 5x Wildcard Silver Team Tokens.


What do you think of the upgraded MUT Master Sean Taylor and these new Flashbacks? Let us know in the comments!



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